Pong for the Extreme Pong enthusiast!

We have developed an advanced version of Pong for up to 4 players with many customizable features. Play online or download portable standalone exe for your USB stick! (Download includes ability to save settings and includes heckle mode.) Pong Project is the end result of getting a little carried away building a simple Pong game...


Freeware Download

  or Play online here.

Multiple Configurations
Amazing 2v2 or 1v1v1v1 battles! Play 2v2 human versus human or 2v2 human versus computer.

Highly Customizable
Modify many individual player and global game settings.

With the addition of POWERUPS this game gets niftier.

Ball Influence
Ball influence option allows multiple players to influence the ball simultaneously after they are out of the game!

Golden Paddle
There is even a golden paddle for the player with the most blocks which can build up power and shoot.

Installer / Uninstaller
Simple install/uninstaller included

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