Pong Project 1.2


Pong Project Online You may have to download the plugin but chances are it is already installed in your browser. Get Shockwave here. Please be patient, it may take a minute. (NEED those explosions in there!) Bookmark this page to get your daily Pong Action! Turn your sound up! * You don’t have to reload this page to play again, Simply click on PLAY in the upper left portion of the game screen to restart the game.Be sure to explore the options section as well! You can also DOWNLOAD Pong Project 1.2 (includes save settings option + more)



For a 4 player human game you must select OPTIONS and then select each paddle and set to human, deactivate mouse for player 4.

Player 1 : 1 - q
Player 2 : Left Arrow - Right Arrow
Player 3 : Page UP - Page Down
Player 4 : n - m

Pause = P
Shoot = Backspace (only for owner of goldan paddle when mercury blob at full strength.)
Cursor Visibility Toggle = Y

TIPS: I have beaten the computers several times on the default settings but they are quite tough (I wanted to make sure this game was challenging), it took patience and perseverance, make sure the computer players get most of the black powerups (bad) and that you get most of the blue (good) powerups. Patience and concentration are key! Feel free to fiddle with the game options to suit your ability or mood. You can drop the paddle speed of the computer opponents a notch to make them a little easier to beat. P.S remember you can use your paddle controls to cause influence over the ball after you are out of the game!

Programming/Design: Bruce McArthur © 2009.Digital Liquid  
Music: Ken Balys Sound clips used with permission, © 2009 Lead Berry Research.